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Free yourself from the burden of high-interest debt.

If you’re trying to get ahead financially, freeing yourself of high-interest debt can be an important step forward. With an Independence personal loan, you can pay off your outstanding balances and consolidate your debts into one payment with a lower rate.


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No prepayment penalty

Why pay minimum payments with high interest on credit cards? Loans offer certainty without the complexity and potential traps. Not to mention they cost a lot less. It can be a great solution for people who need to borrow cash, have been burned by credit cards, or have already used all balance transfer offers available.

Credit Cards Balance APR Monthly Installment Amount How long will it take to pay off by making minimum payments How much will it cost in interest payments
Credit card A $10,000 17.8% $304.22 47 months $3,815.00
Credit card B $5,000 20.5% $152.11 49 months $2,404.00
Total $15,000 $456.33 $6,219.00

It will cost you $6,219 in interest!
By paying off both cards and getting a personal loan you get:

Independence bank Personal Loan Balance APR Monthly Installment Amount How long will it take to pay off by making minimum payments How much will it cost in interest payments
Personal loan from $15,000 9.5% $456.33 36 months $1,427.85

You save $4,791.15 and pay off the loan 12 months faster than both credit card balances.

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